Self-Development 3 (Gratitude Journal)

Gratitude journal is a new way of reflecting my feelings I just learned about in my course. I thought that writing about it and discussing the importance of it might help me and benefit others hopefully. The basic idea behind this journal is to write your feelings, they do not necessarily relate, but mainly is to write aspects that you are grateful for, big or small, even if it is about the ice-cream you ate today. I decided to write this gratitude journal because I thought that this will be a good chance for me to think of the good things happening around me, because sometimes I feel that there is nothing going as planned but this journal will be like a reminder for me of the good things. That happened to me. This journal could lower my stress levels especially during exams. This will be my first gratitude journal. I think I will add some pictures to it. Maybe of my new dog which is one of the main good things that happened to me. Also, I wanted to make sure that no one else thinks of a gratitude journal as a diary because in the diary you are telling details of life good and bad; while, for the gratitude journal it will only include my happy thoughts.  It will be like an alarm for me to remind me of all the good things happening in life, which will help me a lot especially that this pandemic is not ending soon. However, the first good aspect I believe I will write will be about vaccines and how grateful that they are finally available to people.

link to my dogs picture :

Something that Delights Me

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