Self-Development 2

In 2021, I decided to focus on myself and leave behind all the negativity. I started this year with some goals, I made the decision that even if the pandemic did not end, I will reach my targets no matter what. The first month was great, I got my smile back, the streets were open again thankfully. For the first time in. During my university years I registered for all my courses and I decided to overload and take one more course because this will increase my credits and will be great for me in terms of academics. By the end of the last year, I made new friends which was a huge success for me as mentioned before I am an emotional person; so, family and friends are always a priority to me. My life was going great until covid-19 reminded me that it is not over yet and another uncle of mine, a close one got it and it ended his life too. I returned to the beginning but this time all the people were so used to the pandemic and acting as if I should not be sad or that this should not affect me, it was so different than last year. I think others became used to people dying, but I was not. Then, university started I could not focus and here is when the first midterms came and even though I studied well I got two F’s. Can you imagine what this did to me? I talked to my professors and they were understanding and gave me another chance. However, inside of me there was always a voice saying why try why. My biggest self-development was getting over what is happening to me and focusing on my studies again. I started to understand how some doctors format their exams. Exams I wanted to say how the worst aspect in online learning is online exams for me because doctors and departments had to the increase some aspects to our exams to make sure that we are not cheating; so, some of my friends their doctors asked them to open camera and show them the whole room which I believe is an invasion of privacy. However, I was lucky, and I never thankfully experienced such a situation; also, we went to campus this semester even if it was empty, I felt like a student again. I woke up and got dressed, even my doctor noticed the difference in my activity from online to on campus. Unfortunately, the number of cases raised again, and we had to return to fully online again.  I believe that I did my best this semester with all the things happening in the world. Every student and teacher are heroes for not giving up.

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