Final Reflection

1. What I learned in this course:

In this course I was able to learn about different aspects of life and I gained new skills and techniques. Each assignment or every time I joined the classroom, I gained something new, we were always active and had good discussions. Learning about the Algorithms and the bias that dark skin faces, I always thought of machines as a neutral zone that has no opinion. However, it turned out that machines could be biased because the data in it is coming from humans. I would recommend to everyone to watch This movie on Netflix. Coded bias shows how people are suffering from this bias and how we can fight it. My brother is a computer engineer and when I told him I will be doing a game he did not believe me, I learned in this course how to design and research for a game, and to make different scenarios. While the in-class activity that I enjoyed the most was photoshopping us into a place that we never visited. The most interesting one was about fake news and how we should always check for the source and dates of any post or video.

2. If I were to show someone my learning in this course:

The first aspect that will express what I learned in this course would be my blog because this was my first blog ever, I never took the decision of having a blog, and it turned out to be a nice experience. I can share my feelings and opinions with respect to others now. Moreover, Soliya is another part of the course which was interesting to me. I never knew about this program, but I am glad I joined it really added to me. Also, now I can say the difference between Digital literacies and digital skills.

3. If I could change 2-3 things about the course to improve it:

I would recommend starting with the bigger assignments in the beginning of semester because students are focused and have time while when the midterms come it is hard to focus. Also, adding a talk or video about time management could help a lot of students.

4. What kind of person should take this course?

The person who will benefit from this course the most is a Curious, analytical person, because this course gives us not just the skill but the way to think and research.

5. what do you think about the opportunities given:

I made my choices in this course based on my personality I like activities to do more that reading a paper that is why in the digital literacy assignment I choice the taught path because I found that this will allow me to do things and what I understood then that actually when I was learning about graphic design, I was reading information to, but the way it was presented was more interesting for me. I value most the assignment about something that delights me because I was able to show everyone and post on my blog about my new dog. I did not find any of the assignments as not valuable because in every assignment I did I learnt new information or skills.

6. Extra point for creativity: final reflection

Picture I made for the end of the semester: using Canva

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