Narrative Game Phase II

Choosing a topic that affects me and everyone around was a hard decision, because there are many topics that deserve to have a game about. After conducting research about the topic I chose to make the  game about driving. The game will start by putting the player in some situations that he might face in his daily life. Testing people’s knowledge about driving and the rules and regulations of driving is a very important aspect, because nowadays we can find many accidents happening because of the lack of knowledge of the rules. In Egypt, some people can have driving licenses and they do not even know how to drive. For this reason,  I believe that that this game will benefit all of us, because after playing this game the player will know whether they have enough knowledge that allows them to drive a car or not; that is why, I think that this game could really save lives. In my first year at university a friend of mine passed away in a car accident, and I believe that in every house in Egypt they have a friend or a relative who passed away in a car accident or survived a car accident. This game will test people in driving signs and their meanings; also, it will give them choices to make, and at the end it will show them either a green face or a red face which means that they need to learn more about driving rules. Also, I will recommend some videos and link to them to help them learn more about rules. Players will see through the game that they might lose their lives for not knowing a simple rule or you could be the reason behind a huge accident. In the picture below are some rules that I will test the players in.

One thought on “Narrative Game Phase II

  1. I would have liked to see more research being done with more detail – what are the most common causes of road traffic accidents? I am sure it is not that people don’t know what the signs mean! Please do a bit more research so that I know that the game is based on what you’ve researched

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